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To separate the service life of a building from the service life of the materials / components of a building all relevant information must remain accessible over the service life of a building.

Therefore, the applicability of monitoring systems in structural components by internal electronic chips (RFID) which are readable from the outside, thereby guaranteeing a provision of all relevant information for a reconstruction or reutilisation in future, will be developed and tested.

Description: Within this work package all information from the project is centralised, analysed and prepared.

The principles of modular, re-usable eco-construction will be applied to a virtual building by using the developed structural components and methods of one sub-project.

Sometimes they do so to imitate a snake, with a view to discouraging potential predators.

Wrynecks are only a bit bigger than a House Sparrow.

Most of the remaining breeding habitats are in the east of the country.

They are not common and are very well camouflaged, so they're one of our least conspicuous species.

There are no really reliable statistics on how many pairs of Wryneck we have in Luxembourg.

The research activities within the unit aim at delineating tumour cell heterogeneity and on the discovery and validation of novel protein biomarkers that are important for early diagnosis and prognosis in cancer.

The unit provides also genomics and proteomics services at the national and international level.