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This method enables us to gather widespread chronological information and to use regional or global markers (i.e., methane, volcanic sulfate, Beryllium-10, tephra layers, etc.) to link the core chronologies stratigraphically.

Carbon dating doesn’t work well on ice because carbon-14 is produced in the ice itself by cosmic rays and only goes back some 50,000 years.

We are hereby presenting a new dating method based on inverse techniques, which aims at calculating consistent gas and ice chronologies for several ice cores.

The proposed method yields new dating scenarios simultaneously for several cores by making a compromise between the chronological information brought by glaciological modeling (i.e., ice flow model, firn densification model, accumulation rate model), and by gas and ice stratigraphic constraints.

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These data will be integrated with recently obtained geological and glaciological data to constrain new models that will explore the mechanisms, style and timing of grounding line retreat in the SW Ronne Ice-shelf area.

Results of the discovery are being published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.