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Latah County was an exhilarating place to live at the beginning of the twentieth century.
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I’ll give you your worst experience you can imagine. I checked his profile and it was actually a pretty hot guy.His whole profile page was full of Satanist bullshit, which is not unusual in the S&M world. Assuming this was part of a role playing game, I sent him a message back.Most, however, lose their sanity before they ever get close.The odds are in favor of the dealer, yet most play until they're bleeding out on the curb.

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Like gamblers, there's a certain breed of people who play the dating game.

They are those with traits of “self-defeating personality disorder,” or “masochistic personality disorder.”It makes sense — you have to be somewhat self-destructive to enter into such a high-risk game.

I was into sadism & masochism, or as most people know it; S&M. Outside of this weird hobby, I’m actually a normal guy. I became an expert in covering up wounds so almost nobody knew about my extraordinary hobby, most people just saw me as an introvert shy guy, but a hard worker.

Rape, torture, permanent physical damage, days without food. It sounds like hell for those who aren't into this, but believe me, I enjoyed every thrilling minute of it.