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Tell support her right to state they are simplest person like me have lived through having a son out of wedlock with another.

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"You follow him on Instagram," is how Scheana told Shay about her new man.

(We're guessing he hasn't liked any of Rob's recent photos!

Fact #1: Unfortunately, it is rare that former high school sweethearts, married to other people, can reconnect and keep the reconnection at a platonic level. Fact #2: Because of the ease and simplicity of email -- email is so seemingly devoid of feelings that we use emoticons to make our intentions clear -- no one thinks it could cause a problem. Once a phone call is made or, worse, a face to face meeting occurs, there is no going back to the way it was, even if the marriage can be saved.

"I've said my piece." During the reunion, Mike was clearly surprised when he learned who Scheana was dating Rob, and said he wasn't dating yet because he's "still technically married." He also accused his ex of throwing him under the bus by talking about his drug use on the show.

I felt I was very harsh in certain parts of it, I felt a little cold in other parts of it, " Scheana revealed when we caught up with her in March.

"And then, the way he found out about Rob, I felt I needed to just give a little more of an explanation.

As people age, second chances can be lasting and wonderfully satisfying.

Friends from the past -- even estranged relatives -- can make life sweeter.