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You can watch their live shows for free and you will never be asked to pay.

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He makes me so happy (smile-like-an-idiot-happy) and I can not wait to go on new adventures together with him. But I'm planning my life and adjusting to the situation as it is. When I finish the Tamoxifen/Zoladex in a year and half I'm sure it'll get better as well.

There are times I can literally feel my soul is healing. My poor broken body is getting to know love, softness and positive attention. He is incredibly funny and makes me laugh all the time. He is sweet, sensitive and caring and has a beautiful soul. I'm thinking this would be a nice post to end this blog with.

What is more, a Russian lady is more likely to use makeup and wear dresses, skirts, high-heeled shoes, which makes her irresistible to the opposite sex.

Foreign men are so eager to choose Russian brides for marriage not only because they are beautiful, but also because they possess unique traits of character, which are so rare among their own compatriots.

The drik generates panchang, festival and vrat dates for most cities except for those cities at higher latitude where sun is always visible during some part of the year. All festivals and vrats are listed based on location. This site doesn't support panchang based on Surya Siddhanta, except Tamil Panchangam and Bengali Panjika, as calculations based on Surya Siddhanta don't give precise planetary positions which results in erroneous moments.

The Daylight Saving Timings (DST) has been adjusted for all cities.

On the contrary, in Russia 95 % of women are slim and slender, having no weight issues.

It is a part of Russian culture that a woman’s happiness comes from her family, not from climbing the career ladder and becoming totally independent from a husband.

A Russian lady is so suitable for a serious relationship because she wants to become a faithful wife and a good mother.

It also seems right to move on when you're able to let go.

I find it important to look back and reflect on how far I have come (reading through journal posts, going through photos). So dark and yet filled with hope until things brighten up and the light gets in.